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Every once in a while you have a client that locks down their servers to ridiculous levels. We always have a couple of those as we're working and perhaps your IT staff does the same. It's frustrating… technology should be there to enable you, not disable you. Not being able to edit something as basic as a theme file can be quite frustrating. Tonight I had such a task… and the frustration with it.

Ua lwm txoj hauv kev txuas los ntawm FTP lossis SFTP, Kuv tau ua qee qhov tshawb nrhiav tus thawj tswj fwm cov ntaub ntawv tsis pub dhau lub plugin hauv WordPress. Kuv sim txog kaum ob plugins thiab tau tshwm sim thoob plaws WPide… wow. It's absolutely dead simple… a folder tree to the right and an editor to the left. This is what WordPress's internal editor should look like! The Editor has line numbering and colored code to make things extremely easy.


Some of you might be on the side of security and think what I'm doing is nuts… providing a plugin that accesses all the files within WordPress to any Administrator? Well… an Administrator can click delete on a theme just as easily as they can click edit on this editor… or the default editor. The problem with the default editor is that it doesn't have a file tree to click through to get to your files, though.

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