Dab Tsi Los Tsis Muaj Koj.

Saib ntawm Tsheb ciav hlauNag hmo kuv tau noj su nrog tus phooj ywg zoo ntawm kuv, Bill. Raws li peb tau noj peb cov nqaij qaib tortilla zoo heev ntawm Scotty's Brewhouse, Bill thiab kuv tau tham txog lub sijhawm ua tau txawv txawv qhov twg tsis ua haujlwm hloov mus rau hauv kev ua tiav. Kuv xav tias cov neeg muaj peev xwm tiag tiag muaj peev xwm pom tau qhov kev pheej hmoo thiab nqi zog thiab ua raws li qhov ntawd. Lawv dhia ntawm txoj hauv kev, txawm tias qhov kev pheej hmoo yog qhov tsis txaus ntseeg ... thiab nws feem ntau ua rau lawv ua tiav.

If I'm losing you, stick with me. Here's an example….

  • Lub Tuam Txhab A nthuav dav cov ntawv thov yooj yim uas ua haujlwm, tab sis tsis muaj tag nrho cov yam ntxwv tsim nyog rau qib pib. Thaum lub sijhawm tshwm sim mus rau lub taub hau rau taub hau ntawm kev sib tw, Lub tuam txhab A teeb tsa kev cia siab thiab txiav txim siab kev ncua sij hawm los txhim kho cov yam ntxwv ntxiv uas tsim nyog los ua tiav daim ntawv cog lus. Lub sijhawm no, yam tsis muaj kev daws teeb meem, lawv dhia rau hauv qhov kev sib tham thiab ua kev muag khoom.
  • Tuam Txhab B sees the opportunity, but knows that it can't meet the requirements of the request for proposal, so they gracefully bow out and steadily plod onward with their plan for perfection and world dominance.

Which company is right? Company A takes massive risks with the contract and the client. They are risking their reputation in the industry as well. In fact, there's probably a good chance that they'll get most of the work done but not all of it. Company B never even makes it to the table, and the fact that they didn't get the contract could put them under before Company A ever finishes.

In the past, the conservative engineer in me would have snickered at Company A and I wouldn't have any respect for them over-promising and under-delivering. But times have changed, haven't they? As corporate consumers, we tend to be more forgiving to companies that can't make deadlines or come up short-handed on features. We make do with what we have.

IMHO, Company B doesn't stand a chance nowadays. I am starting to believe the ability to get in the sale early and be flexible on the output is what's going to make you successful. If there's a chance you can succeed, you almost have to always try. Otherwise, the opportunity is going to pass you by.

This is true with jobs, this is true with contracts, and it's true with marketing. If you wait to design the perfect campaign, you'll never have the opportunity to launch it. There is an appropriate margin between perfection and speed. If you can deliver less, but deliver it more often, you'll take the business.

If I were to make a comparison, I'd have to take the obvious, Apple versus Microsoft. Vista was a huge release years in the waiting. Leopard, on the other hand (which I pre-ordered yesterday) seems to be a great feature-rich enhancement to OSX. Microsoft launches the XBox 360, a full-multimedia gaming system with all the bells and whistles. Microsoft launches Zune, a very nice, large-screened media player that's barely scratched the market. In the meantime, Apple launches the iPod, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, new iPod Nano, Mac Mini, Cinema Displays, Appletv, iPhone, colored iPods, the iPod Touch, iMac, OSX Leopard… are you starting to see what's happening?

Microsoft has massive, slow cycles with shallow highs and very big lows. Apple has had their challenges as well, but before Apple can be held accountable or embarrassed long enough, they launch something new. Apple doesn't hype it for a year as Microsoft does, they trickle out a rumor here or there and then launch. And it feels like they're launching every week! People forgive the shortcomings of the first version (cost and quality) and they gladly move on to the third and fourth version. Our attention span is shorter and Apple is brilliantly taking advantage of it.

What are you allowing to pass you by? Stop waiting for things to be perfect to jump in. Jump in today or watch the opportunity pass you by. It's the only way you or your business is going to succeed.

Nco tseg: Qee qhov kuv paub meej ntawm Apple tau tshwm sim los ntawm qhov no great post on Apple's success ntawm Daring Fireball.

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    Lub tuam txhab A nyob deb los muaj txoj hauv kev. Cov lus hais "Nws zoo dua 80% txoj cai hnub no dua 100% txoj cai tag kis" yeej tsis muaj tseeb dua li nws niaj hnub no. Qhov tsis pom tseeb zuj zus ntawm txhua yam tshwm sim hauv lub ntiaj teb kev lag luam txuas ntxiv ua rau kuv xav tsis thoob.

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