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Every week, for more than a year, I've had a reminder from 43 things to Pib Lub Lag Luam Zoo. That's a tall order! Starting a business is one thing, making it successful is quite another.

I've had quite a bit of success with the blog and I continue to get additional engagements because of the blog. This last week, I closed 2 significant contracts, both long term with tons of opportunity for growth. In addition, I've partnered with a friend Stephen on taking our mapping application to market. Ironically, the income from all these endeavors is going to get invested in yet lwm ua lag ua luam.

Qhia Taw Qhia Koi Systems, Llc

Tag kis no, Npis, Carla, Jason thiab Kuv khaws cov kev pabcuam ntawm David Castor thiab nws raws li txoj cai ruaj, Alerding Castor, txhawm rau pab hauv kev tsim tawm Koi Systems, Llc.

David's firm has made a unique name for itself in the Internet startup realm. Partners in SuccessTM is the byline of Alerding Castor. They're a breath of young, fresh air in the stodgy world of business law. If you're in the Software as a Service industry, David's firm specializes in the following areas:

Alerding Castor


  • Ntawv Tso Cai thiab Txuj Ci Technology
  • Internet, Software thiab Computer Txoj Cai
  • Txoj Cai Ua Haujlwm
  • Tsim Kev Nkag thiab Nkag Xaiv
  • Kev Lag Luam Thoob Ntiaj Teb
  • Kev Sau thiab Sib Tham Kev Cog Lus Yooj Yim thiab Yooj Yim thiab Cov Ntawv Sau Los Ntawm
  • Mergers thiab Txais
  • Tsis Ntawm Cov Lus Cog Tseg
  • Txoj Cai Kev Ceev Ntiag Tug

We've already invested a lot of time into our business and want to make sure we launch it properly, so this is a step in the right direction! David's firm is well trusted in the online industry, Internet startups and Software as a Service companies.

David shared with us his excitement of working alongside entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. We're looking forward to launching ours!


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