Old Marketer versus New Marketer. Which are you?

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    Today's marketing also involves a heavy dose of technology because of the way communications has become an integral part of our environment. All of the "wrist watch wearers". the over 50 crowd are not comfortable with the technology and still do not understand blogging much less tweeting and all the rest of 'stuff' that keeps coming at us so quickly. As you state, Doug, the online consultant is extremely important and has has two major roles today: training and reassurance.. Only then will the fear start to be dispelled.

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      I'm not sure that the 'over 50' mention is true anymore, though. The growth on networks like facebook are seeing faster growth in older folks than younger. Young are quick to adopt, but older folks adopt when they see the value. I've got a social network for Navy Vets where the average age is above 50 – and those folks are uploading photos, running their own blogs, participating in forums… they've really connected!


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      I am over 50 and love my wrist watch. I own a free ePortfolio hosting business but I agree with Jim that the over 50s are not comfortable with the technology. As a lecturer in eBusiness as well though I have battled for years with undergraduates who were not comfortable with it either. Thank god for Facebook as it has changed the landscape. Now I say – do you use Facebook and if the answer is yes (which it usually is) then I say well you can use a blog, wiki, twitter or any other media then. This is starting with the over 50s but it is slow. The biggest issue I have encouraging ePortfolio use is teachers, not students. I have introduced student mentoring of teachers and it is working really well. Training and reassurance is the key. Thanks for the post. Regards, Ian Knox

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      Yes, perhaps they would have been better stating 'We can find out'. 🙂 I think the root is that we no longer have to act on intuition alone. Today we BETTER do some research to help our marketing decisions!

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    Agree with you Lorraine. We can get closer to "knowing" by having much better data from analytics. There's less guesswork involved. In some respects, marketing in the pre-online days was easier by having fewer options to consider: TV, print media, direct marketing via mail & phone solicitation. Now with so many choices for online marketing, particularly having social media in the mix, the marketing options are far more diverse. Still some guesswork is involved with mystical unrealized options that invite both opportunity and risk.

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