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Kuv nco qab thaum kuv pib thawj zaug DK New Media, a well-known colleague told me to forget working on all the aspects of a company's marketing efforts and focus on one area. I argued that this was the problem with agencies… they had micro-focus and expertise in one area of focus – branding, design, public relations, email marketing – but didn't have enough understanding of how their efforts impacted efforts upstream and downstream.

Qee cov qauv hauv ntau qhov chaw ua kom pom tseeb:

  • nraaj tsim – great designers understand how to layer their files to make it simple for a web developer to slice and dice and output graphics for the sites they're implementing.
  • Yeeb yaj duab - cov kws yees duab zoo nkag siab txog yuav ua li cas txhawm rau txhim kho cov nplooj ntawv lawv tshaj tawm thiab nkag siab cov txujci kev tshaj tawm los txuas ntxiv thiab txhawb nqa qhov ncav cuag lawv cov yeeb yaj kiab.
  • email Marketing - cov lag luam xa email zoo heev lees paub lub sijhawm los tsav tsheb cov ntawv teev npe hauv social media kom lawv tuaj yeem tsim cov npe zoo dua thiab tsav tsheb muag ntau ntxiv.
  • Nrhiav cav Optimization - Cov kws pab tswv yim zoo hauv SEO kuj nkag siab txog kev hloov pauv hloov thiab cov ntsiab lus lag luam ua tau zoo tshaj plaws kom ntseeg tau tias qhov qeb duas ua rau cov kev hloov tsheb tau hloov dua siab tshiab tiag tiag.

Kev lag luam raws li Raug Tsim

As you know, manufacturing has shifted offshore to developing nations. Building a small part, replicating the part, and building the infrastructure to output millions of parts is simple in developing nations. While part manufacturing has moved offshore, North America is still building assembly factories and still driving innovation in manufacturing. As a result, the creators, designers and engineers still have jobs… but the manufacturers don't.

Marketing is next. We work with several offshore companies who do research, content, design and development. The quality of the work is every bit as good as what we can produce locally, only they do it more efficiently. We can't possibly compete. As a result, the answer is to leverage collaboration tools and extend our resources offshore.

Our marketing team directs, creates, and implements the overall strategy. It's honestly where we're best utilized. Our offshore resources do amazing work, both extending our resources and helping us to scale our company without driving up costs significantly. It's not without its bumps, but it's been successful and we continue to grow and get positive feedback from clients.

That's a warning to marketers out there. If you decide you want to specialize rather than understanding how your expertise fits into an overall package, you're as replaceable as any other cog in the production line. If you disagree, you're kidding yourself. Personally, I know there are far better designers than me, better developers than me, and writers than me… but where I compete is how to put the designs, development and the content together to drive results. My passion, creativity and experience across the spectrum has been my competitive advantage.

A few years later and that colleague's agency has extended his team beyond their core competency and into upstream and downstream efforts. He's got a great firm and that adaptation will continue to drive his success in his field.

If you're a marketer stuck in a job where you're not learning across the spectrum of marketing strategies, technologies and discoveries… do yourself a favor and begin teaching yourself, experimenting, and implementing wherever you can. Become indispensable by understanding how to engineer and assemble the strategy! Marketers who understand the big picture are in huge demand right now… the specialists come and go.

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