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This week I've had some tough conversations with some businesses that I care deeply about. They know that I care because I've taken them to task and am holding them accountable. My network is my investment and where I get the most return on investment.

  • Cov tuam txhab thev naus laus zis Kuv ua hauj lwm nrog ib txwm tau txais los ntawm kuv. Kuv yeej ib txwm report problems, ideas and kudos to their teams. For every person that complains, there are hundreds of others who will simply leave you and find another vendor. It's critical that, if you care about your solutions providers, you have the difficult conversations with them on what went wrong or why.
  • There are several network tools and communities I belong to. Networking is exhilarating and exhausting. As a small business, my network is key to my success. Who I surround myself with reflects on my business and also brings in business. Some of my networks are selfless – always doing their best to push business into my lap. I feel indebted and always take opportunities to return the favor. Some are selfish, though, and only measure our relationship by what I've provided them.

ua haujlwm cesSocial media casts a huge net. I'm constantly evaluating where I should speak next, whether or not it should pay, or whether I should take the time and money out of my schedule to be there. I review platforms to write and promote on. I think about blogging versus video versus podcasting. I think about commenting on other sites and connecting with industry leaders. It's a lot of work.

As a consultant, I have very little ‘recurring revenue', so the majority of my income is accrued through selling my time. That means that every cup of coffee, phone call or email I'm responding to risks me losing income.

Mas: Peb yuav ua tau haujlwm zoo npaum li cas yog tias peb yuav tsum them txhua tus rau txhua qhov kev sib tham peb muaj nrog txhua tus. Yog tias kuv hu koj kom muaj kas fes, yuav ua li cas yog tias kuv yuav tsum them koj tus nqi xuab moos. Kuv puas tseem hu xov tooj rau koj kom haus kas fes?

It's important that you evaluate your network on a constant basis to find out where you're investing and whether or not it will pay off. Business is business, of course. Be selfish about finding a selfless network. I would not be successful if it weren't for my key clients – Ntaus txuas ntxiv, ChaCha, Webtrends thiab Cov Ntaub Ntawv Xov Xwm muaj nyob rau ntawm cov npe ntawd. Los ntawm "qhov tseem ceeb", Kuv txhais tau tias nyiaj tau los;).

Raws li kuv xav txog cov kev sib raug zoo thiab li cas lawv hloov kho, lawv txhua tus tau hloov zuj zus los ntawm kuv kev sib raug zoo nrog kev ua lag luam nkaus xwb - Chris Baggott. Nej cov uas paub Chris thiab kuv tau paub tias peb ib leeg hwm ib leeg - thiab peb ib leeg ua siab ncaj rau ib leeg. Chris yog tus siv khiav tawm Txoj Moo Zoo - ib txwm thawb kom tau nws cov tuam txhab ntawm lub tsom teeb… uas yuav zoo li qia dub. Raws li kuv saib kuv qhov kev vam meej thiab kuv cov npe ntawm cov neeg siv, txawm hais tias, lawv txhua tus tau hloov kho los ntawm kuv kev sib raug zoo nrog Chris ntau xyoo dhau los.

Koj tau txais cov neeg muas zaub los qhov twg los? Qhov twg koj tsim kom muaj koj cov kev ua rau koj lub lag luam los ntawm? Koj tshuav nqe koj txoj kev vam meej rau leej twg? Puas yog koj rov qab haum? Koj yuav xav tsis thoob thaum koj paub nws.

Ua tsaug Chris!

Ib lub xeem ntawv: This post is not meant to slight any of the other folks that are so critical to my business' success and growth. You know who you are! I only mean to shed some light that some of us don't truly evaluate and value the folks in our network for the actual business they provide. I think I've taken my relationship with Chris for granted and didn't recognize how important he was to me.

Yuav ua li cas koj xav hais tias?

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