Ntau haiv thiab Kev Lag Luam

DiversityKuv tau nyeem cov ntawv tshaj tawm txog ntau haiv neeg nrog phooj ywg tshiab ntawm kuv, JD Walton. J.D. has launched a blog that markets to Blacks in Business. He's an American success story and wants to share his experience with others.

Nws tau kuv qhov kev xav tsis thoob uas kuv muaj los sau txog kuv qhov kev xav ntawm ntau haiv neeg. Dab tsi muaj ntau yam qhia txog Kev Ua Lag Luam thiab Kev Lag Luam? Nws muaj dab tsi ua nrog Doug, tus txiv neej rog rog 38 xyoo no? Txhua yam! Peb lub tebchaws thiab peb lub ntiaj teb ua ntau yam neeg txhua txhua hnub. Hauv internet tau dhau los ua qhov tseeb melting lauj kaub raws li kev nkag mus tau yooj yim thiab kho vajtse los rau cov neeg tawm.

You must respect and speak to all races, creeds and genders if you wish to be successful. If your business wishes to grow, then your company must be diverse as well. It's impossible to serve a sector of the market effectively if you don't have input from that sector of the market.

Some folks look internally on diversity programs and utilize it as their excuse for not being promoted or speak to someone else becoming promoted prematurely. I believe this to be short-sighted and perhaps a little ignorant. Basing a promotion on someone's race, gender, etc. can and will open opportunities to the business as well as the individual.

Here's the million dollar question… when your company grows successfully by actively promoting minorities and females, new opportunities will come to everyone within that company. It's the chicken or the egg. Perhaps you never would have had the opportunity to get promoted without having that diverse workplace in the first place!


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    It use to be that minority hiring was a moral issue, then it became a business issue, now it is a issue of neccessity. Soon ther will be more jobs than people to fill them,it is a reason for outsourcing. Doug you cannot call your self a fat 38 year old white guy, with out saying good looking and charming. Your discription of your self, is a part of diversity and is subject to sterotypes. Most white guys do think, diversity means some one else, when in fact , everyone is apart of a diverse community, with different, ages, sizes, family structure, sexual perference, politics and as we are well aware, gender and race. Good post

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