Tsoo… tsis yog foo-foo thov.

CrashYesterday was the first day I came home and zonked out. Today I crashed. Like many, I'm a creature of habit. Interestingly enough, my habits are weekly, though. My weekends are almost always action-packed so whatever habit I was in the week before, it's normally ended by Saturday evening. If I'm late to work on Monday, I'm usually late all week. If I work late on Monday… I work late all week.

This last weekend I worked the entire weekend. We're heading for a release at work, and I was juggling no less than 6 side projects at the same time. The balancing act is fun, but I tend to take on more and more… and I simply work harder and harder. Last night it caught up with me and I napped. Tonight, I crashed. I'm pooped out. And I've gotten my ‘week of habits' off to a bad start. Now I will be instantly tired when I get home from work and will probably find myself sleeping each night when I get home. Argh.

On the bright side, that means that I'm in demand, always a good thing! On the negative side, I don't like settling on my work. I have an excellent understanding of delivering perfection vs. delivering. I like perfect. I hate cia li delivering… though my clients would never know the difference. Delivering often means that months later I find myself ‘redoing' something that I knew I could have done perfect at delivery had I had the extra time.

Marketing and Software is often like this, though, don't you think? Deadlines demand execution and often toss out perfection. The calendar is often more important than the results. The need to deliver is stronger than the need to deliver perfectly. Often, I notice that clients would much rather sacrifice features, functionality, and aesthetics to get something in their hands sooner rather than later. Is this an American flaw? Rush, rush, rush… crash? Or is this a global flaw?

I'm not advocating ‘creep'. Creep is when the definition of completion continues to ‘creep' until you never are able to complete a project. I despise ‘creep'. Even without creep, how come we never seem to have the time to execute perfectly anymore?

Ntawm South Bend Chocolate Factory, Kuv xaj kuv kas fes nrog tsis foo-foo… Lub ntsiab lus tsis muaj ib qho chocolate chocolate, tsis muaj qab zib, tsis muaj chib pleev, tsis muaj hmoov av chocolate lossis txhoov kua qab… tsuas yog haus kasfes. Tsis muaj foo-foo tau txais kuv ua kas fes, tsis tos rau lwm yam khoom.

Note: If you've never been to the Sab Qab Teb khoov Chocolate Hoobkas, you're missing out on a great place with great employees. They have personality… not mindless drones. And the first time you get a nice mocha, be sure to get the foo-foo. It's a nice treat.

Rov qab rau kuv taw tes… tuam txab nyiam Google, Flickr, 37 Cov phiajcim and other modern successes toss the ‘foo foo'. These folks build great software with no foo foo. They build applications that get the job done, and are fairly adamant that it doesn't do more than that. It works. It works well. Some may think it's not ‘perfect' though because it lacks the foo-foo. Huge success and adoption rates tell me that this is not true for the majority, though. They just want it to do the job – solve the problem! I notice at my work, that we spend a lot of time on the foo-foo.

Kuv xav tias koj tsoo nrog tsis foo foo.

Tej zaum peb yuav tsum pib npaj peb txoj hauv kev zoo li no kom peb thiaj li xa tau zoo dua thiab sai dua:

Foo-foo:Dab tsi yog peb yuav hu nws? Nws mus saib li cas? Dab tsi yog txhua qhov kev xaiv peb tuaj yeem tso rau hauv nws? Peb cov neeg sib tw ua tiav dab tsi? Peb cov neeg xav tau dab tsi? Thaum twg peb yuav tsum muaj nws ua tiav?
Tsis foo-foo: Dab tsi yog qhov yuav ua? NDwb nws yog ua nws yuav ua li cas? Tus neeg siv xav tias yuav ua nws li cas? Peb cov neeg xav tau dab tsi? Ntev npaum li cas nws yuav muaj nws?


  1. 1

    Foo-foo, foo-foo… tseem sim kom tau txais qhov tseeb ntawm qhov no txhais tau li cas hauv kev cuam tshuam rau software, as opposed to kas fes. Nrog kas fes nws zoo li yooj yim txaus, xws li hauv foo-foo yog txhua yam khoom seem uas tsis yog kas fes. Los ntawm koj cov piv txwv ntawm cov tuam txhab uas pov lub foo-foo, txhua lub vev xaib 2.0 nws zoo nkaus li, lawv cov software zoo li 'yooj yim', tsawg kawg los ntawm cov neeg siv cov kev xav, ob leeg ua haujlwm thiab aesthetically. Kuv xav tias qhov kuv tsis meej pem yog qhov uas koj nug foo-foo thiab tsis muaj cov lus nug ntawm foo-foo, raws li kuv tsis paub tseeb tias qee cov lus nug no tsim tau foo-foo lossis tsis yog hauv qhov kev sim no.

    Dab tsi yog peb yuav hu nws? Zoo, google, flickr thiab cov npe rau cov software tsim los ntawm 37 cov cim txhua qhov zoo li ntes tau thiab qhov tseem ceeb, thiab kuv xav tias qee lub sijhawm nkag mus nrog lawv. Nws mus saib li cas? Yooj yim, huv, lub vev xaib 2.0… dua qee qhov xav mus rau qhov no rau cov tuam txhab, kev xaiv… tseem foo-foo Kuv xav tias. Peb cov neeg sib tw ua dab tsi, tseem tseem ceeb, yog tias nyob rau hauv kev txiav txim siab ua qhov tsis sib xws, lossis tsawg kawg tsis ua lawv ua dab tsi. Cov neeg xav tau dab tsi yog qhov tseem ceeb… cov neeg siv khoom xav tias lawv xav tau dab tsi tsis tseem ceeb. Thaum twg peb yuav tsum tau muaj nws ua, tseem ceeb, tshwj xeeb tshaj yog nyob hauv internet software kheej.

    Dab tsi yog qhov yuav ua? NDwb nws yog ua nws yuav ua li cas? Tsis muaj foo-foo ntawm no Kuv xav tias. Tus neeg siv xav tias yuav ua nws li cas? Rau kuv no yuav yog foo lossis tsis yog foo. Peb cov neeg xav tau dab tsi? Kuv xav tias tsis yog-foo ntawm no. Ntev npaum li cas nws yuav tsum muaj nws. Ok yog li txheej thib ob ntawm cov lus nug zoo nkaus li haum tsis-foo rau kuv. Thawj lub teeb yog dab tsi tsis meej pem kuv me ntsis.

    Tej zaum cov lus nug tseem ceeb tshaj plaws rau kuv yog 'Vim li cas nws thiaj yuav tsum muaj?'

  2. 2


    Koj tseem tab tom nrog kuv saib. Cov lus nug zoo sib xws, tab sis lawv txhua tus tawg raws nraim cov nqe lus nug koj nug ... 'Vim li cas nws xav tau?'

    Kuv muaj ib tug npoj yaig thiab phooj ywg, Chris Baggott, leej twg yog tus paub txog “Dab tsi daws teeb meem nws?”. Lub npe ntawm lub app, saib, cov kev xaiv, kev sib tw, xav tau, sijhawm ... txhua tus tau them rau hauv software hauv ntiaj teb, tab sis nws tsis tau nug ... "Qhov teeb meem dab tsi nws daws teeb meem?"

    Peb yuav tsum siv sijhawm nyob ntawm cov lus nug yog, tsis yog siv sijhawm ntau los teb cov lus tsis raug!

Yuav ua li cas koj xav hais tias?

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