Yuav Ua Li Cas Peb Mus Txog 100,000 Hli Txoj Kev Pom


Some folks think that the onslaught of blogs and social media sites makes it more difficult to get your voice heard. While it's true that the noise is much louder, the opportunity to get your voice or your company's voice heard in social media is still not only possible, it's great if you have content that people are looking for.

We've just surpassed 100,000 views nyob rau lub Kaum Ib Hlis on Martech, an all-time record and moving us into an elite category of marketing blogs that get over 1 million visitors per year. (Note: the chart below isn't tracking all-time… only from when we started using WordPress Stats)

So how did we do it? I've been telling people my entire career (even before online) that a key to great marketing is to use multiple mediums to promote your product or service. You can't pump all your money into one medium… you're not only limiting the audience, but you're also severely limiting the means in which your voice is heard. For 5 years, Martech was a text-based blog. I didn't have the resources or time to use other mediums, so I just worked to optimize that medium.

This year; however, has been very different. Here are all the different initiatives we've worked on:

  • Over the last year we've recorded a xov tooj cua qhia (off today because of the US holiday). We've had week after week of talking to the greatest marketing minds in the industry and the show has grown – with thousands of listeners each month.
  • Peb koom nrog ib email marketing program that continued to drive visitors back to the blog. This is currently getting reworked as we migrate to our newest sponsor, Delivra, but it's been an incredibly great tactic. If your blog doesn't have an email program, start it today! We're working on some tools for WordPress users in that area… keep checking up on us!
  • Peb tus tsim tawm, Stephen, tau ua haujlwm rau ntau lub plugins - suav nrog tus Youtube sidebar widget, kev paub ntau ntawm cov zej zog WordPress.
  • Nrog rau kev suav peb cov xov tooj cua, Jenn tau tsis tu ncua nyob rau hauv peb cov tes hauj lwm ntawm Twitter, Facebook thiab LinkedIn thiab tsheb khiav los ntawm kev sib raug zoo tau tawg, feem ntau surpassing peb nrhiav tsheb each month! We're now using tsis txhawm rau pab tswj thiab tswj cov kev sib tham online.
  • Social bookmarking thiab cov chaw tshawb pom zoo li StumbleUpon tau xa peb cov tsheb ntau, yog li koom cov kev sib koom tes khawm ntawm txhua daim ntawv tawm kom nws yooj yim rau cov neeg tuaj yeem muab peb cov ntsiab lus nrog lawv cov tes hauj lwm tau zoo siv los tsav cov tsheb tshiab rau peb.
  • Peb nquag txhawb nqa lub xaib, ib yam nkaus, nrog me pob nyiaj siv on Facebook and LinkedIn to very specific audiences. I'm not sure there's much of a return on investment there, but it's a good branding engagement to keep Martech top of mind with our target audience of CMOs and directors of Marketing.
  • We've incorporated polls actively to engage our readers. Zoomerang has been an incredible sponsor and really helped us capture visitor interest and opinion, providing us with additional content ideas every week. A basic Zoomerang account is free, so I'd encourage anyone to use it! One word of caution is that you may not receive an overwhelming response from your poll. While people love to read blogs, they don't always participate.
  • We've developed Kev Lag Luam Infographics rau ob qho tib si Delivera (Nyiaj so koobtsheej Email Qhov Kev Ua Zoo Tshaj) thiab Zoomerang (Cov Neeg Siv Khoom thiab SMB Kev Tshawb Fawb Txog Kev Tshawb Fawb Hauv Xov Tooj) thiab tso lawv mus dhau Martech Zone raws li ib feem ntawm peb cov pob khoom txhawb nqa nrog cov tuam txhab. Infographics tsuas yog qhov zoo rau kev mus txog cov neeg tuaj saib yog tias koj paub yuav ua li cas leverage lawv!
  • Peb tau hloov lub blog mus rau ib lub xeev ntawm cov kos duab WordPress hosting tuam txhab, WPEngine ua ke nrog a Cov ntsiab lus me nyuam Network Tsav Los Ntawm StackPath CDN, ntau ntau sai dua CDN dua li Amazon.
  • Qhov kawg thiab qhov cuam tshuam loj tshaj: thawj, cov ntsiab lus muaj txiaj ntsig! Thaum tas ntawm kev lag luam thiab thev naus laus zis blog xav sib ntaus dhau cov dab neeg tshiab tshaj - lossis tsis zoo - rov tsim kho dua nws, peb ua haujlwm tas li kom paub meej tias koj tau txais muaj txiaj ntsig zoo, muaj txiaj ntsig zoo, cov ntaub ntawv sau ua haujlwm hauv kev lag luam.

Muaj dab tsi ntxiv? peb chaw ua hauj lwm is kicking off some education curricula with a couple of Universities and major companies. We're going to work those lessons into Webinars and training courses for our readers. This will allow us to go beyond the conversation and really drill down and get you some great results. Be on the lookout for some additional videos, webinars and ebooks coming your way!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the United States and I appreciate all of the support that you've given us! Thank you!378

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